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Matilda's Kitchen...Keeping Bowls and Bellies Full!
Camp Bobe Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is just as the name states a place for abandon or abused animals from everywhere to come to be rehabilitated and adopted into forever homes. We focus on animals that have long term care needs that would not do well in a standard shelter environment.  Additionally, we have outreach programs such as Matilda's Kitchen and Good Dog Behavioral Assistance to help keep pets in homes and out of the shelter system.

Matilda's Kitchen provides pet food for those in need.  As pet owners know our pets help us through some of the most difficult moments of our lives. If we can help people be able to feed their pets and keep pets in their current home this not only cuts down on pets in rescues and shelters but also provides hope to those that have fallen on hard times.

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Kim coordinates our thrift sales. To donate items to the thrift sales please contact Kim at tahoedreamer64@gmail.com, to arrange drop off.

If you would like to volunteer at the thrift warehouse you can contact Kim at tahoedreamer64@gmail.com
Matilda's Kitchen
Through a special partnership with local veteinrians and Royal Canin we can now also support those pets that are in need of specialty perscription diets.

You apply the same way you would for regular pet food. Once  you are approved we will take you through the process of getting the prescription diet needed for your pet. It is a bit more involved since only Veterinarians can prescibe and sell these diets. You will no actually be getting the food through Matilda's Kitchen. We will pay for it and you will pick it up from a veterinarian. Please note this sponsorship is limited to Royal Canin Diets only.